Icon box

2020 will bring on the second project by Icons production: the launch of Icon Boxes on an international level. They are museums with a culture, art and fashion program that will show the personal and unusual aspects of iconic figures who belong to these worlds. The most advanced digital and interactive technology will be used to achieve this feat.

Coco Chanel, Valentino and Balenciaga are the first icons whose stories Federica Borghi has decided to tell through interactive multimedia catalogues, outlining their personalities in an unprecedented and unique way, made available through the Icon Boxes.

Anyone who wishes to will be able to have a taste of the above, through VR visors (a limited amount will be given out by Federica Borghi, artist and curator, herself), digital support systems and mainly through the Icon Boxes which can be adaptable to any setting, are easily transported and repositioned thanks to their modularity.

Un progetto di spessore che vede coinvolti critici, esperti e professionisti selezionati da vari ambiti per la realizzazione dei contenuti digitali, coordinati da Federica Borghi, mente e ideatrice del progetto come Michele Sancisi, Maria Antonia Bosio, Carla Zucchi, Roberto e Gualtiero Carraro.

Interactive Catalogue

A new way to communicate Art



Breathtaking Exhibitions, enriched by multimedia support systems



A fresh take on the Icons of our era .