Shine, Beneath the Surface

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Virtual Reality, just like art, creates a synthetic environment that can change our perception of things. Using Virtual Reality to narrate contemporary art opens up new, interesting horizons, potentially revolutionary ones.
Roberto Carraro – Carraro Lab

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The interpretation given to Giovanna Lysy’s work of art in the “Shine, Beneath the Surface”catalogue lets its symbolic value shine through, and invites us to meditate on themes of vital importance for mankind and its survival.

Giovanna’s works of art shine bright with a light that comes from well beneath the earth’s surface. This light illuminates magma-like surfaces, concretions, minerals, crystals, glass, rocks, metals, fossils – all materials of a geological nature. It gleams from beneath the trees’ roots, it is evidently the vulcano’s energy, it’s a geothermic energy.

Nowadays, many of humankind’s fears stem from climate change, which poses a great risk for our future prosperity and foreshadows calamity. iovanna’s enhanced perspective represents collective hope more than it does fear.

Whilst talking to the Vulcano I could perceive its strength, trying to communicate the power of expression through my art. In mankind’s future, volcanic energy could have a key role, as long as we learn to communicate thoroughly with them,. My artistic research becomes an “enhanced perception” of a dramatic reality of our future, and it can be experienced through this interactive catalogue. I am the first contemporary artist in the world to have an interactive catalogue and I consider this a great opportunity.
Giovanna Lysy

The “Live” interactive catalogue will explain all of this, giving the listener the chance to meet the artist herself, stepping into her story and her life, as we get a glimpse of her on location at the marvellous family estate, “La Foce”, and the place where her creativity takes form and gives life to works of art – her studio.

The catalogue is a concrete opportunity to see Giovanna Lysy’s first personal exhibition, which Federica Borghi – the creator and curator – brings to Milan. from the 27th of September to the 24th of October 2019in the prestigious Salotto di Milano location on Corso Venezia no. 7, a show in which matter and light come together and poetic works come to life, transporting the viewer to a world on the edge of dream and reality.

This is well and truly a multi-medial biography. Shine, Beneath the Surface is the first catalogue of contemporary art in WebVR and tells of the life, story and works of sculptor Giovanna Lysy, which Federica Borghi has exhibited in Milan from the 27th of September until the 24th of October 2019.

Giovanna Lysys’s artistic research lives in a digital catalogue, being then developed into interactive technology, which can be viewed as a three-dimensional website on PC’s, smartphones, tablets and VR headsets. This is the first contemporary art catalogue produced with WebVR technology ever made, and offers a never before seen aesthetic experience and a new “enhanced” perception of a contemporary artist’s mind and work.