Icons Gallery

Federica Borghi, takes care of art dealership internationally, establishing the best way to publish works of art, create a network of contacts and come up with ideas for exhibitions.

Gledis Agnelli

An extremely creative woman, full of a genius that leads her to know and move around various worlds, Gledis Agnelli lives and works in Bologna. A fashion designer, for years she has dedicated her professional vision to brands such as Alberta Ferretti. Her path has recently led her to create design objects enriched by profound artistic concepts. Where the “reuse” of the object becomes part of the completion of an artistic language with great emphasis on the universe of an elegant sensuality that is universally female and fertile. He works on canvases, new projects of essential denunciation of human genesis. His participation in Artefiera Bologna 2020 is important.

Jeremay Cappellin

Jeremay M. G. Yhonass Cappellin born at Addis Abeba. A young multidisciplinary artist with solid themes, he infuses great social communication with his recurring themes, the link with his roots. His research focuses on collective identity in constant mutation, emphasising conceptual antipodes and the fusion of them, in a society that wants to be global. Great pictorial material experimenter. He founded Alpha x Gallery in 2017 where he continues his countless artistic investigations. In 2019 he founded Kirykou a project that continues his research on identity.

Serenella Chimenti

Wizard of Spices. Serenella’s is an emotional journey through performances, photographs and paintings, a woman discovering sensory art based on the touch of the senses and art therapy. The sorceress of spices, her stage name, imprints the colours on the canvas on the bodies, evoking an art form somewhere between tribal culture and naïve feeling. She has many exhibitions to her credit, as well as a sensitive documentary made while travelling between Chile and Peru and countless journeys that have led her to develop the painting of the body as a representation of the soul. The 2019 exhibition in Florence “Natura et gaudium” at Palazzo Levi is very important. He edits, among others, the catalogue Ser meile.

Roberta Cipriani

Designer, architect, artist. His studies are in Florence, Milan and the Maremma. His art with a strong spiritual impact has led to his works being exhibited in one of the most visited places in the world, the Abbey of San Miniato a Monte Florence, in fact houses his Tree of Life, a shining union between heaven and earth. Cipriani also works with clay, which she moulds into soft figures somewhere between the human and the spiritual, some of which are real angels. Another of his works, The Tree of Life, is in New Zealand, chosen as the symbol of a well-known national cancer charity.

Marco Klee Fallani
Born in New York in 1965, the much-loved son of an extraordinary and great family of artists of excellent generations, he studied in Florence and in the United States. In Italy he lives in Chianti, where he has his eclectic studio. Marco is a sculptor, painter, musician and professor of Fine Arts. His theatrical collaborations with Luca Ronconi’s “Lo specchio” and his agreement with the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino are well known. Fallani’s art is highly emotional and direct, with clear juxtapositions and beautiful languages between colour and material. His extraordinary pictorial butterflies are known and collected all over the world. His sculptures are so distorted and human in their expressive contractions. He exhibits all over the world in his native Florence, New York and San Francisco.

Giovanna Lysy

An appreciated sculptor, collected all over the world (one of her pieces is in the White House), she is also a great experimenter with materials. His characteristic of reusing old gears, objects from the ancient peasant culture, has characterised his works which, together with light, have made them true indoor and outdoor installations. She works in Val D’Orcia, where in her studio, an old oil mill from the early 1900s, some shots were taken of the Shine immersive catalogue designed for her by Icons.

Isabelle Muriel

A Belgian artist, his works have a dream-like quality that delves into a fairy-tale world where an illustration moves pulses to become painting and painting operates in the meanders of vision of the space between the real and the unreal. A feminine vision of great power that makes use of strong chromatic effects, a capable use of drawing and material ductility. He lives and works in Sorrento, many of his works have been shown in famous national and international exhibitions. We remember the exhibition ‘Il mondo fluido’ in Naples, the Florence Biennale and the exhibition ‘Terra nostra’ in Naples.

Rachele Del Nevo

Roman by adoption, Sicilian by birth. Rachele has a sign with a futuristic stamp in an approach that is very personal and progressive. Rachele has chosen an extraordinarily effective way of disseminating her art. Drawing on cardboards recovered from supermarkets and exhibiting her works on her bicycle at the Pantheon, in this way, the whole world has reported her story in news reports on art, travel etc.. Rachele is irreverent, strongly communicative, her wit and acumen make people smile and reflect at the same time. Acclaimed in Germany and America, Rachele is a character!

Arianna Pompei

Arianna Pompei is an emotional illustrator, a romantic soul who brings sentiment to the image with intimate discretion. He studied fashion and then illustration, wrote and illustrated fairy tales, created instinctively with a reserved approach to colour, but experimented with various and often mixed rendering techniques.
Lives and works in Genoa, studied illustration in Turin. He is doing an iconic project that will be the theme of his next exhibition, on women’s faces.

Marco Scali

A painter and great experimenter in fluorescent painting, he lives in Asti, but travels the world, and is a make-up artist for the Chanel fashion house. He has had many important exhibitions, including Ca Sagrado in Venice, and a personal exhibition sponsored by the municipality of Monza. His art, which he has been developing for a long time in sculpture, painting and performances created by him using body painting, is characterised by an irreverent but always strongly emotional spirit.


A well-known contemporary, Simafra, after many one-man shows and exhibitions at the Galleria Russo in Rome, Maddox in London and Beirut, has retired to the Tuscan countryside, entrusting Icons with the sale of his works. Riccardo Prosperi is now engaged in new experiments and is collected internationally. Characteristic of his work are his flowery canvases and landscape visions. Simafra’s research into density in the application of colour is appreciated.